Dana & Jayson | [WATCH] Lorde Remixes Green Light for Creme Eggs

March 28, 2017

USA Today

On BBC1 Radio, Lorde stopped by to discuss Cadbury Creme Eggs (among other things) -- it’s a true love affair.

She even went so far as to remix “Green Light” to become an ode to the Easter candy, and it’s hysterical. “I said I’d have just one I’m such a damn liar,” she sang, before getting to the chorus, “I’m waiting for it, that Crème Egg, I want it.” Watch the full song below, and listen to a clip from Dana & Jayson below. We promise you'll never sing it the same way again.

Guess her Cadbury performance in the U.K. proves she wasn't at New Zealand's "No Lights No Lycra Dance Party" ...