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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:The Unbreakable Elon Musk

"Indestructible" Window Shatters

November 22, 2019

Sometimes you try your best, but things just don't work out. Not that anyone is actually going to feel bad for him, but that's essentially what happened to Tesla head honcho and aspiring super villain Elon Musk this week. During the big unveiling of Tesla's Mad Max looking Cybertruck, Musk confidently touted several features of the new vehicle, specifically the unbreakable, bullet-proof glass, and from there things got a little dicey. After a few simple demonstrations to show how durable the Cybertruck is compared to other competitors models, Musk brought out the big guns (almost literally) to really show what his new rig can do, and let's just say there was more than a little something left to be desired. Armed with the audio (and one of Elon's goons 'Franz') Dana & Jayson broke down the break down on San Diego's Alternative.