Birthday Denial

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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:The Birthday Denial

Dana's 40th

December 9, 2019

Dana's birthday is coming up this week, and Jayson is mad at her about it. Now, this has nothing to do with the fact Dana is getting all the attention leading up to her birthday, instead it has everything to do with the fact she isn't getting enough attention. As Dana's best friend and co-host on Alt 949, Jayson trumpets Dana at all times in all ways, so maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that he's at Jayson Level 200 for her 40th. After executing a surprise birthday brunch on Saturday with the blended show and work family, and the official celebration coming up on Tuesday, most people would be pretty satisfied, but not Jayson. Fully on triggered by Dana's aversion to shouting about her birthday from the rooftops, Jayson wouldn't take no for an answer, and this morning he enlisted our listener family to help prove his point. Would the phone calls back up Jayson's outrage, or would Dana's less-is-more approach woo the masses? We unwrapped it all this morning on San Diego's Alternative.