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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:Thanks, But NO Thanks

Unwanted Thanksgiving Meals

November 13, 2019

Dana is going out of her way to ruin another holiday. To be fair, she doesn't think she's ruining anything, she just thinks she's being creative. As the host of a Dana & Jayson show family Thanksgiving, Dana is ditching the traditional menu and taking a little creative license, and Jayson isn't going to stand for it. Despite the fact Dana, Jayson, Jayson's husband, and at least a handful of the other guests are vegetarian isn't getting Dana off the hook from Jayson and Producer Jack about a few glaring omissions from the standard array of dishes. Turkey? Nah. Mashed potatoes and gravy? Nope. This morning on Alt 949 we found out what Dana has in store for her guests, and gave our listener family a chance to give their two cents on past Turkey Day travesties in their own lives. Saying thanks but no thanks this morning on San Diego's Alternative.