Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:T he Disney Diva

Dana Won't Go

November 20, 2019

​Dana is a fun killer. Most of the time, she can point at her motherly duties as a valid excuse for not having enough hours in the day to treat herself, but this time that isn't the problem. Dana is getting ready to spend almost a week without her husband and three daughters, who will be traveling to visit family, and Jayson is trying to take full advantage and treat her to some solo fun with him and Producer Jack. While the kids are gone, Jayson thought this weekend would be an ideal time for himself, Dana, and Jack to hop in the car and road trip it up to Disneyland, to give Dana her first adult experience at the happiest place on earth! But Dana isn't having it. Citing a litany of reasons why she doesn't think she would have a good time, Jayson is standing tall and putting her back against the wall. Would our listener family confirm Jayson's assertion that you haven't Disneyed until you've done it without kids, or would Dana have the people on her side? We skipped the line and went straight to the calls this morning on San Diego's Alternative.