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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:Dirty Laundry The Gym Clothes Edition

Jayson's Gym Clothes

October 2, 2019

Some things shouldn't need to be said, but regardless of that, here we are. After a record breaking number of days with little to no regard for those around him, this morning on Alt 949, Dana needed to put her foot down on his off-putting behavior. For the better part of the last year, Jayson has been whipping his post-nuptial body into shape with a new fitness regimen and a new trainer, but he's gone completely unaware of one of the unintended side effects of his new routine. With some help from their shared trainer, and a few repetitions of honesty, could Dana get Jayson pumped up on some higher personal hygiene standards? Working up a sweat this morning on San Diego's Alternative.