Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Weed's First Week: A Public Service Announcement

We have some hard hitting numbers for stoners everywhere...

January 8, 2018

Marijuana has been legal for recreational purposes in the state of California for a full week now, and the times they are a changin'. To help keep us posted on everything happening since weed has gone legal, Dana & Jayson put their Producer Jack to work to give us some hard-HITTING numbers from the week in weed.

Dana & Jayson - The Week in Weed: A Public Service Announcement

Monday, January 8th

An entire week has passed since marijuana has been legal for recreational purposes in the state of California, and the times they are a changin'. To help us keep track of everything that has come along with recreational weed, Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack put together a helpful Public Service Announcement.

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Well we made it seven days so far here in the state of California we'd has been legal for just a week. And how things changed since his newfound privilege has been given to us. They are mister or miss his purple America didn't. Marijuana has been legal for recreational use in the state of California for a whole week now. So we are taking a look back at the top five most hard hitting stats from the last 78 well number fly. The California Department of Health and Human Services has announced a serious epidemic as cases of severe freaking cotton mouth have risen nearly thirty. Let me just. Make sure you hydrate before you celebrate. Number fourth. Web streaming giant Netflix has reported that streaming numbers and positive ratings for Adam Sandler movies cap yeah at least over 300%. Since New Year's Day. Has consumers everywhere asking the obvious question what the numbers on any. In a recent report. Scientists estimated that the main source of chocolate milk a cow plants. May be extinct as early as 20/20 five I don't know what with the legalization of marijuana that. Is pretty much gone already and 100% of donors are freaking out. Number two the the Department of Motor Vehicles has reported there's been a 650%. Increase in traffic tickets issued in the state of California. Mostly for driving twenty to thirty miles per hour under the speed limit better safe than sorry. Number one. And perhaps the most impressive and least surprising stat of the week snack food giant Frito-Lay have announced a 4000%. Increase in the sales volumes. So remember as you move into a new green California knowledge is power especially since the entire Golden State is killing brain cells faster then. Faster than. For us what was it just talking about. Nobody else offer amendments in America. And a victory. You know bargains Kelly get.