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dana & Jayson [LISTEN]:​ Travel Advisory:

The Worst Time To Travel

November 26, 2019

​Who needs Trip Advisor when you have Jayson Prim? This morning on Alt 949, Jayson wielded the power of information like a sword, swashbuckling Dana's husband Kevin with enough bad news to completely overload the overhead compartment. With some of the biggest holiday travel days of the year around the corner, and knowing that Dana's husband is gearing up to take a cross country trip only accompanied by their three daughters, Jayson felt it was his responsibility to drop the boom. Traveling around Thanksgiving, and the holidays in general, can be a really stressful time for anyone, but since Jayson doesn't have to, he figured he would just pile on those who do. What is the TSA saying that should strike fear into the hearts of anyone printing out a boarding pass in the next few days? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.