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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Throwing the Book

A Lori Loughlin Update

October 9, 2019

Admitting you have a problem is one of the first steps at solving it, but for Lori Loughlin's role in the college admissions scandal, not admitting what she did is a big problem for the Full House actress. Since the other main character in the scandal that involved parents paying to boost test scores and increase admissions odds, Felicity Huffman, was given a lenient two week sentence based on her immediate remorse and admission of wrong doing, Aunt Becky has taken a different road all together. Since this whole scandal has been a polarizing force for the members of the Dana & Jayson show crew, when Dana presented the latest morsel from the prosecutor involved in the case, Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack provided their own unique prospective on a story that continues to leech intriguing details almost on the daily. A little cross examination this morning on San Diego's Alternative.