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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: The Plastic Bag Man

My Dinners with Jayson

November 25, 2019

When Dana's family is away, Jayson will play. Since Dana's husband and her three kids are spending the week across the country visiting family, Jayson feels a responsibility to help fill up Dana's every waking hour while she's on her own. With three days before Thanksgiving, Jayson is working overtime to fill up Dana's dance card with various tandem dinners, activities, and time together, and she's being forced to push back. With all the time Dana & Jayson spend together at work, after work, before work, at home, with Dana's children, and every other way Jayson finds to infiltrate Dana's life, you'd think Jayson would have his fill. With the prospect of little to no alone time this week, why is Jayson's attention mirroring a suffocating plastic bag? Gasping for air this morning on San Diego's Alternative.