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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: The Friendship Diet

Life Coach Rick

December 10, 2019

​Most friendships have ups and downs. Most friendships run into issues that need a little open communication to work out. But. Most friendships don't play out these issues on the radio with help from their personal Life Coach. Welcome into a Commercial Free Monday on Dana & Jayson, as Jayson's personally crafted lunch menu is a sore subject at the center of a friendship debate. For the nine years D&J have been close friends, Jayson's eating habits have resembled that of a college freshmen, but in the last six months, he's turned a corner. Now that he's living the vegetarian lifestyle, working out more, and eating healthier, he just can't understand why his culinary labors of love aren't appetizing for Dana. Since the two of them can't get anywhere without some level of mediation, they invited Life Coach Rich back on Alt 949 to help them make some sense out of the whole thing. Would Rick's expertise and knowledge of the parties involved help come to a sensible resolution? Probably not, but we took a swing at it anyway this morning on San Diego's Alternative.