60 day sex challenge

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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: The 60 Day Sex Challenge

The Title Says It All

January 10, 2020

Jayson is sticking his nose into business that doesn't concern him, but unfortunately that's nothing new. When Jayson found out that Dana and her husband Kevin are attempting an intimacy exercise called The 60 Day Sex Challenge geared at motivating couples to make time in their busy lives for sexy time, he felt the need to involve himself. Even though a couple's sex life shouldn't be material for public consumption, Jayson doesn't care, and went ahead anyway. In the process, he began sending a series of text messages to start fanning the fire with Dana's husband, and the rest of the Dana & Jayson show family. What's the worst that could come from Dana attempting to keep the flame burning in 2020? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.