Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Ten Plus One

Dana Has A Parenting Question

November 6, 2019

We can do the math, but can Dana? With Halloween still slightly visible in the rear view mirror, Dana came to work this morning with a parenting question for Jayson and Producer Jack. Outside of the fact this means she must really be desperate, it also related specifically to Dana's oldest daughter, and a pop culture phenomenon. With Halloween costume selection a never ending arms race to be edgy and topical, Dana discovered this year that several of her daughter Joelle's friends are already super involved and invested in a streaming series that Dana is fairly convinced is way too adult for her 10 year old. As rabid fans of the Netflix original in question, she figured Jayson and D&J's Producer Jack would be the perfect resources to turn to in this time of need, but would the guys really be able to provide any helpful insight? Probably not, but we went ahead and did it anyway this morning on San Diego's Alternative