Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Target Victims Anonymous

Jayson Is The Voice Of The Hopeless

November 25, 2019

It's that time of year, when relationships are tested, and men are pushed to the limits of their mental capacity by one culprit, and one culprit alone: TARGET. After Jayson spotted a viral photo of a man pushed to the brink by his wife's obsessive marathon inside the doors of Target, he knew that he needed to confront the offender in our studio on behalf of men everywhere. If you're new to the Dana & Jayson radio program, you might not know that Dana has very few vices, but shopping has an unavoidable pull on her, and her husband could use all the help he can get. This morning on Alt 949, Jayson took a stand for men everywhere (including Dana's husband Kevin) and hosted a gathering for Target Victims Anonymous. We're flipping through the receipts this morning on San Diego's Alternative.