Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Take This Job and Shove It: Gym Gains

Mike quits a gym membership he doesn't actually have...

January 8, 2018

Usually on Commercial Free Mondays, we can count on our Dana & Jayson intern Entitled Mike to quit jobs he doesn't actually have, but this morning he quit a gym membership on behalf of a member of our listener family. It's Take This (Gym Membership) and Shove It on FM 949.

Dana & Jayson - Take This Job and Shove It: Gym Gains

Monday, January 8th

Every Monday on FM 949, Dana & Jayson help you get back into the swing of the work-week by having our intern Entitled Mike quit a job he doesn't actually have, on behalf of a member of our listener family. This morning, however, he isn't quitting a job, he's quitting one of those stupid gym memberships. Take This Job and Shove It on a Commercial Free Monday.

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We're Dana Jason and it is a tradition every Monday at some and we have to do because we know you may not feel like going to work so what we do is a segment called take this job and shove it. Are entitled Mike quits jobs he doesn't have on behalf of our listeners who have to go to work this Monday morning. And this morning and settled mice putting on behalf specifically of Melissa from Chula Vista Melissa. Not a job at the gym membership and I got like a week ago. You don't want to do it now and it's like it's there it's a totally Perot he I'm not like in the atmosphere. Well I. Happen. OK I mean well he's never done anything like that before Erica and he usually just quits you've heard the stagnant ray worry quits jobs for people that they don't really. How much like hello. Okay great day okay what you just saw this is a good idea so okay to add subtle like look quit a gym membership. On your behalf coming up next it's take this gym membership but I've got to have an undeniable good acts. It's Monday we're Zain and Jason has a 949 San Diego's alternative I commercial free Monday makes about our 24 hours no commercials on FM 94 night but one thing that's a little hard is getting psyched up to go to work on Mondays. And that's why we do this segment. I can't stop and show. Aren't settled like quits jobs on behalf of everybody who wish they didn't have to go to work today but he can't quit you have to dial. So he calls but he quits job he doesn't have on everyone's behalf but this morning he's actually not quitting a job and she's putting it gym membership on behalf of one of our listeners Melissa and you could live through this experience and take this job and sevens on up from 949. Thanks to kind. Can help you page area and on our money might gravitate to membership. Of one and they're probably like the New Year's near me. But I am over it but I'm Matra. I'm OK I can have your full name and I can hear in the chair it's you might. You can get and search on the remembered her a couple of months old and I I. I think I'd do it. I'm getting charged went three dollars also you've. Been the ones. That Kenny package and I don't understand why is it. I'm can contribute. Earlier when a little. And. And and and object another thing I'm I don't admit three. I am constantly getting rich in my paper like the peak I'm happy that right. Typical to pack it elliptical. Oh who judge I'm. Sorry that you have that experience and who we are against Philly do you HI can't provide it doesn't feel workout experience. You know I'm I'm really tricky here I think maybe you should just like give us an election. I want to do really good judgment from. BC BA record only come about once a month and that he. Yeah. Actually permitted to join the gym today and you know but. At the honest uncomfortable. Arm of paper and share your and. It is in Georgia and money. Among. The units or twenty people. Let me come in her story on Monday and I am a while. I don't know accurate picture policy on determining your membership. I'm actually a little you can click. And and talk to them in and and part and Tikrit that I'd I'd just. And you're. On. The most packaged. Four dollar. And you come and we'll get it on ticking here for you and that's the paparazzi can't do anything over the phone unfortunately. I'll make. Honestly years burden and a little judgmental. And oh. Yeah yeah did you come along. Need to go there and I'm a local arm which are. They're barricades in front and the cabinet and yeah yeah it's you know. I don't look at it that you need to tell you take its membership and should be done. Had a whole new year near me saying it could be an elliptical. A bit I didn't want to be unique be it kind of slowed and on the money. OK like I I hear you but you're gonna become in a hundred noted that that the policy. My handwritten. Let's I. Look man and I'm actually. At. The Olympic achieve element. Foreign but I gotta warn you gonna argue that and you can't put her to look at it like Monday. Second Monday man but come on wheel and would be well I guess multilayered and its latest from. I do it's job and ship out its new one entitled Mike had quit his job he doesn't have. On your behalf sends a message on the FM ninety point nine FaceBook.