Taco Binge

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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Taco, Party of One

Producer Jacks Taco Bell Adventure

December 3, 2019

Sometimes Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack can't help himself from eating his feelings. After a pretty stressful Thanksgiving week, Jack confided in Jayson that he was in need of a binge, and in confidence he ran down the menu to Jayson's shock. Rather than keep that morsel of information between the two of them, Jayson decided the airwaves of Alt 949 would be the perfect venue to out Jack's out-of-this-world order, and see if anyone in our listener family could measure up. With a four-pack of tickets to our takeover night at Seaworld on the line, could the fam come to play and put Producer Jack to shame? We counted the calories and tried to find out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.