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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Speechless

Jayson Has Yet To Write A Very Important Speech

November 5, 2019

Time is running out to carve out a moment in time that will never be forgotten. In exactly four days, Jayson will be standing in front of a gathering of friends and family to help celebrate a momentous occasion in the life of his sister-in-law and her soon-to-be husband, and he's still stuck at square one. One of the responsibilities Jayson will undertake this weekend when he attends the wedding of his husband Jared's little sister will be to give a speech, yet he hasn't even put pen to paper yet. As Jayson's best friend and co-host, Dana decided she should do whatever she could think of to help prod him into action, and a surprise guest seemed like just the ticket. Soooo, this morning Dana & Jayson welcomed the bride-to-be on the airwaves of Alt 949 to get a status update on Jayson's big speech for her big day. Would this revelation of procrastination throw her into a downward spiral of anxiety, or considering the person in question, would this just be par for the course? Finding ourselves uncharacteristically speechless this morning on San Diego's Alternative.