dana gets weird

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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Security Blanket

Dana Gets Weird

December 6, 2019

​While feeling the hole in her heart from her husband and three girls being out of town over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Jayson learned the weird lengths Dana went to in order to keep herself connected. Obviously, once Jayson was equipped with this information, as a close friend and confidant there was only one thing to do next: Talk about it on the radio. This morning on Alt 949 despite her objections, Jayson revealed exactly what Dana did to cope with a full week away from her family, and gave her a chance to explain herself. Not sure if Dana was the ONLY parent in America's Finest City who goes this far, Dana & Jayson hit the phones and invited our listener family to go above and beyond, for a chance to win tickets to our Alt Takeover Night at Seaworld! Would Dana remain the parental kind of the mountain, or would there be a new leader of the pack? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative