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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: The Return Of Life Coach Rick

Hybrid Therapy with Life Coach Rick

November 13, 2019

Sometimes issues between friends require an arbitrator. Also sometimes, these issues get worked out on the radio. Also, Dana & Jayson are aware this is all a little strange. Whenever some level of conflict arises between members of the show, rather than try to work things out themselves, they leave it to the professional and invite the show's resident expert, Life Coach Rick, to join the show and share some wisdom. This week, one member of the show made a big decision and fulfilled a long term dream, but didn't share the moment with the rest of the show family. Since obvious this left a few emotional wounds bare and tender, Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack invited Rick to join us and help pick up the pieces. Who feels left out? Who feels ignored? Who is going to pay Rick's co-pay? We'll answer a few of these questions this morning on San Diego's Alternative.