Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Mark Hamill Interview

Luke Skywalker joined the show...

June 23, 2017
Mark Hamill

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It was #MarkHamillDay on FM 949, as the man, the myth, the Skywalker called in to the Dana & Jayson show. He talked about how excited he is about Mark Hamill Drive in San Diego, The Last Jedi, the original Star Wars, and SO MUCH MORE! Check out the full interview from this morning, and then nerd the F*** out. We definitely are. 

Dana & Jayson - Mark Freaking Hamill

​It doesn't get any cooler. Ever since Dana & Jayson found out that Mark Hamill might get a street named after him in Clairemont, where he spend some of his childhood days, we've been all over him on Twitter. The force must have been strong with us, because he started tweeting back, and once we found the street is a go, this morning, he called into the show to talk about it, The Last Jedi, and so much more. The bar has been set high. We love you Mark!!!!!!