Mark McGrath


Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Mark and the Mooch

And You Though It Couldn't get Any Worse

November 27, 2019

​In case yesterday was the day you decided to cut yourself off from the rest of the world, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray was paid to break up with a dude via the celebrity app Cameo. If you don't know Cameo, it's a site where users pay celebrities on a sliding scale to record personalized videos for themselves, their friends, their significant others, or anyone else that would freak out by getting a message from a celebrity of your choosing. Yesterday, Dana & Jayson learned that one such user employed Mr. McGrath to dump her boyfriend via video, but this morning on Alt 949, they learned that wasn't where the story ends. Who was the LATEST D-List celebrity to get roped into helping the SAME COUPLE end their relationship AGAIN? Armed with the audio, we found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.