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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] K Flay Returns

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January 12, 2018

This morning on FM 949, Dana & Jayson invited their ol' pal K Flay back on the show to get some details on her Observatory North Park show this weekend being postponed, everything going on in her universe, and where you can still see her perform this Saturday in San Diego

Dana & Jayson - K Flay Returns

Friday, January 12th

K Flay is going to be in San Diego on Saturday, but unfortunately she won't be playing her scheduled show at the Observatory. This morning, she joined her ol' pals Dana & Jayson to give us all the info on the postponement, to check in about everything going on in her universe, and to give our FM 949 listener fam the details on a pop-up show this Saturday in San Diego.

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We're in and Jason and FM 949 San Diego's alternative and we got the news yesterday that Kate Foley's sold out show at the north park observatory that was originally scheduled for Saturday night. Has been postponed this but because she's amazing like that she wanted to call in and tell you exactly what happened. YA got postponed when the new show is taking place and what she's doing this weekend. So that she is still spend time with all her fans in a completely free experience. So right now on the phone cave flag are on a slave. We were so worried when we heard it that the shell here in San Diego del we've bowl bid might die and four at the north park observatory. Is it. Not happening in the exact way that we thought it was going to happen. Unfortunately. That is true have been saying is shut down. Temporary. I a little you have to understand from like a concerned fan perspective yeah. We're stalking your Twitter to see if you're sick can. And then she's been found a video audio and was stocking your voice quality because she's not sick I'm not a soccer. Well and and it looked at that I have been pretty much deathly ill and never can't Felicia but yet they can't move absolutely I want nothing to do if my house. But yet the Iranians should. Close and we tried to figure out you know we are kind of scrambling to figure something out that if this Saturday night in San Diego lit a lot going earned. Shall we shall have to be postponed until May help whenever. I wanted to make sure we will do something to people on Saturday and hang out inflation music show. We try to schedule the anybody wants to come through your. They I give a hats. If the cat. I will be there available. To do all of those things. And because you're the vast and like something you're doing like a makeup and it's not exactly what you wanted to do obviously but this is like a surprise little pop up situation that you're doing. Yes exactly I would think about this could. Oratory artists there are a lot of elements. Outside your control write your birth but at the whim of mother nature removed the fire Marshal and perhaps your own body you know I think election I've kind of learned is like I can control what I can control and so in situations like these. I'm just I was gonna do my best you know to let people know that they appreciate them and at San Diego's old shell out. Equating him you know we're Hubert decided yet and I am super excited we get this to make it back said that the situation they're lifting loop. Of course Gerald we can change about the guy who actually do that but delicately police reached after the third and outside the final Jack will be there. We'll be playing song yeah. In a pretty unique cool ways it will it actually kicking and. This is a unique opportunity to CU and a different way of course things happened but the fact that you're communicating. And letting everybody know and that you're doing something else. Both familiar the end of the day the show will go on any day over in the meantime like we can go do something that gives us a chance to like you know play music or music. Connect spend a little plan Elaine part of the Saturday. So let's sounds grade this Saturday and vinyl junkies in north parched cave played doing an acoustic sets. It's going to be unique experience will be there we'd love to see there. Kay slay started her toe war yesterday. Coming up next we're gonna continue talking to her a little after seven. Sitting here on the phone with caves play Andy she's going to be back saudis dozen more coming up right around 709 she's gonna be here in San Diego doing a free pop up shell. Because her shell at the north park observatory. Is postponed until May but she's still going to be doing a free shell a vinyl junkies in north park on Saturday afternoon at 330 everybody is invited meanwhile Jason in case I just sitting here talking off the air. Kate play honestly this is the second time we spoke and this is the second time I'm gonna bring this up about your Twitter account being Euro lying to me again now you just for fast that you're doing stretches them laundry getting ready for tour but I don't believe that you're doing on any third at the minute you pay someone to wash and fold. That does not show up I. This yeah I would most definitely getting mailed Monday Cadillac that laugh at this but I'm pack wolf. Complicated and able. And good food stuff like that. You don't even go for a manic you. My kid rock star status believes. I do not go through. It until it's so easy to pay your sales at a I've gotten quite good at it like I learn to Palin elderly Lugo Jared oh no I. Like she did at home I flew literally became available but it. And I'm really I'm literally impressed right now. Our conversation Kate play continues coming up next on FM 949. Former Indy jam artist he brought them to Oceanside it's in the survives on FM 94 and I in San Diego's alternative and that this weekend at some 94 or nine is going to be out and vinyl junkies in north park at 330. And we wanna invite you to be there too ill because this rarely happens K play's going to be doing a pop up show there in the parking lot and she's doing mystery she wants to spend time of their fans because her shell that was sold out of the north park observatory had to be postponed until May eat. Tickets are still going to be honored so you have tickets if you won them from our station they're still gonna be good for that future date but this week and she's coming to San Diego anyway says she's doing a pop up acoustic set at. Vinyl junkies and it's free so we want to invite you to be there she's on the phone with us right now you're also doing this awesome experience with our listeners a couple of them where they get to go vinyl shopping with you at M theory Cooper. So but would be your vinyl recommendation. For anybody was not shopping with you this weekend's. To rule on. You know I guess it depends I think. He ruled the beautiful thing about buying old righty is that well I'd been running good thing about it but sort of the premise and the coop action. Of the line though in that world you get your how to record uninterrupted in yeah I could well exceed current and then state. And in fact I just bought a bunch of buying that I. Gave my brother my druthers he'd like to keeper of the vinyl. You do and let gambling yeah you drag it in game looked real character costs so I'm just glad it got him you know record I love and I know it like a couple years old but I think if people have it and Lipton it is according partner accurate. That's my girl she's like your favorite guy that's red. She's in my mind. Total year a little perspective. She's very likely be much. You know one of my favorite moderate this guy out there she's so talented. She's amazing she's the best. It's really kind of enjoyed it just listened to her child start. I was going to suggests. The Lizzie McGuire movie I'm buying on I don't look real I thought. You don't even model that is my little collection and I play I would I don't like heated talk anymore about it I spent. I'm actually this. Serb and kind of but if there is such a vital they make of a record I don't. No I have no idea. I believe the Fed don't ask questions that faucet or sign up you have something to think about it he's like maybe you can check out that they have an M theory I'm sure they welcome okay. If they do I will tweak that shut gave it will be like a major break and develop. Well I thought. I know as we were talking about finals in your type you about the quality of sound that you enjoy so much. Before we let you go this morning I did want to play something for you speaking of quality sounds. It actually happened on FM 949 yesterday what are you doing. We were. Giving away that opportunity for someone to go vinyl shopping with puke and it. Each person that was up for this experience had to sing high enough to the best of their ability in right yes they. And we had some amazing out performances. But I wanna play you a clip of Jason's Harman how did he set the bar for. Every time we actually like Kate play and I like her out bomb and I don't want to embarrass a player you reading. Hearing now. Any and the most highly highly I think that's very yeah hello. He see any live out there than me baby I'll get invited. Odyssey element of really god that's another hot day getting hit at some big maybe you glide and. But that was next to it IE outlook know they're glad passionate and like it. I outlined my middle school and its countless. But. I. OK maybe you can write up on stage would cave violence he doesn't pop up show that vinyl John Q. And hurting grass thank you for spending time with us and we we know that. You're so bombs about not be a little apartment north park observatory on Saturday but we will see there in May and we'll see you Saturday of vinyl junkies around 330 for a pop up free shelf and we appreciate you doing that. I meant I had I appreciate you guys that I yet the plumber reiterate how atoms hubris that we're we're obviously you know really sad about show and still have a little bit later and moved to slow played thank you in general any overt supporting him to get to hang out Saturday afternoon. That's awesome thank you again for your time this morning. I think that summer.