Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] K Flay Face-Off

Who gets to go record shopping with K Flay?

January 11, 2018

One of Dana & Jayson's favorite New Music Discovery artists is K Flay, and since she's going to be in San Diego this weekend, we decided to ask her if she was down to go record shopping with a lucky member of our listener family. She said yes, we got excited, and then this morning we held the official K Flay Face-Off. All we asked you to do is sing :20 of her song High Enough, and let our callers decided who should win this once-in-a-lifetime experience at M-Theory Music.

Dana & Jayson - K Flay Face-Off

Thursday, January 11th

K Flay is going to be in San Diego this weekend, and Dana & Jayson invited her to spend some time with a lucky member of our FM 949 listener family record shopping. Rather than do something lame like 'caller 14' we put you head-to-head to find out who's K Flay karaoke would be the fan favorite, and score this awesome experience.

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I himself freaking pounds right now because we have the ultimate experience to give away the opportunity. For you to go vinyl shot banged them with case flag. At and theory that Saturday. I'll vinyl shopping spree. That's awesome. And sir sly is gonna be they're champ I love that means. It's ever in your life that shot they would like bad ass rock stars and getting their recommendations on what albums you should bike not to mention what they ask you what album you recommend that helping out. Yeah. I'm sorry for your way cooler than that but so this is the way we want you to win 6195701949. We need to people to call and right now for the ultimate. Kate play faceoff. Her song high enough like let's be honest it's one of the best songs to belt out when you're in the car. And this morning doing that can win yield into that experience. Only need to down. Missing twenty seconds on high enough to the best of your ability then it's up to our listeners to decide. Who had the best performance. 61957019. Plan needed is pretty easy because we all know the song. They're Jason and I feel you should really set the bar this morning. Hard not that the bar you who are going to be the Mars Saturn. Drawing it down and yet your sunglasses are those my son Lhasa I don't have any buyer might. He and you have your hung up because you're really and your standing getting hit in the minute I look at it looks like he's ready for a rap battle snow at this time my producer Jack set them up this is it Jason doing cave play this morning at this and. The mare. Hattie hi. I live now. You got me you got me. The any and OILEILA. I'll think guys are yeah OP. CE Annie Le there than me maybe. And why didn't want to see Ella could really. Battle cry get a hint that something may be glad you are three Yankee that's funny I think we can really that's the bar. So the car is extremely loud yeah. Alan my heart is pounding I am nervous it is time for the ultimate Kate play faceoff. To listeners. Going head to head into battle to win an amazing experience. A fully expense paid shopping spree at and theory going shopping firm finals with Kate play and serve sly this Saturday. So we've got two players on the line both need to sing. To the best of their ability the song that we all love to rock out to in the car high enough. Let's meet our players this morning but then it's up to you to decide who did the better performance. Alyssa I you ready from corps not out. You're feeling good this morning. You belted this out in the car before this should be no big deal that and meeting case play would be so amazing and hanging with Aaron M theory that says these have been our it's a let's do it producer Jack to sing your heart out sister and three to one of. Did burn my nanny I mean. You got me here that Japan. And had any tracking. I mean apparently actually actually. Currently playing them and Akron man. That is Axl and I think senior karaoke little play it left this there. Don't hang up once I get now we move over to player number till this is terra from this stuff. Mine go back okay sister how awesome would be to meet tastes lie and hang with her you know I have been in love with her contemporary manner I know she many things. And then I haven't thought. An early look aren't you the other day and I mean we can't ultimately Amare. OK so then this needs to happen for you as well okay at this time. Producer Jack is gonna cue up the song for you and then you just keep saying tell you hear the buzzer okay where. It's. Not the and the knee and again. In the league and I you know. I you. Can't keep me and I but you know the crowd you know from mining empire. They. This is going to be tough but it's not up to us we take all the pressure on Abbas that we put on TU the listener family decides 61957019. Porn and we're gonna take five calls majority wins. Will be player number one Alyssa from Coronado or will be tariff from this stuff player number CO. We want your votes right now give us a call make the decision what performance did you feel more of the Smart and although it is the ultimate cave play faceoff only one person is gonna get to go on that vinyl shopping spree with her on Saturday all of also serve size gonna be their champ who wins assault TO six when I'm by 701949. I don't appear ready for the pressure this morning because it's the ultimate battle. And were about to have a winner chosen by Alice and the egg now the fate of one personalizing. Your hands. It feels McKay flake faceoff where two of our listener family members go head to head in a battle because one person is gonna get the ultimate experience of going to and a theory on Saturday and do a vinyl shopping spree. With K flay and sir slaw me that each player had to sing to the best of their ability this morning high enough by cave flight just twenty seconds of it this is the performance given to us by player number one. These aren't my nanny I mean. You know got me you know Terry. And any parent who. Or me and I only had actually. Guaranteeing. Loans and Acker Manning. She did a good job and that then we heard from terror from best and this was her performance of Kate plays high enough yeah. Among the aren't. You need me again don't. May hire me that I you know. I you I think man you know and but yeah that could be the chrome I mean grandpa. But now's the moment of curious because our listener family has to make the decision of what to listener will be Alyssa from Coronado player one or terror from this a number two will actually get to hang with Kay place Saturday let's go to the phones we need five votes Abby what's performance for you feeling more front. I. I don't like you know it may. Be naming the eight. A hole. In July that. That makes me happening. Anyway. I think you for your vote. OK get in there to work Kasey is this huge KC. OKC what's performance for you really feeling. Art what she or her a seat in America. Oh bonus points for an older than a TV but it can all come down to this one moment by the way I've bills too much pressure your spotted her feet. Slowly yeah made yarder at the morning is this Leanne from asked India. Did you really feel one of those performances. To. Share. A panel Tara from best says she brought it OK now didn't even more complicated. Thank Julianna allow them high PM. Hey hey you face her being a judge this morning in the ultimate case plate face off now. Were you feeling player one of Alyssa power player to terra. Hey let actually killing player one alleged that she would bury aren't buying and she had a all of where my diet and she kept going and she has her little groove and she did amazing. Well hello this is so positive and encourage. I think that and I'll be affirmations grenade. Thank you so much CO we appreciate it and Jason you know that means we have a winner let's get our two players on the line right now and delivered the news we have Alyssa from corps not out yet if this. And terra do we have you from best stuff yet Mara on the it was close it let's clubs so at this moment bell called. So that person that is going to hang out with key play at and theory. And search supply and go on a vinyl shopping sprayed. I'm not saying it Jason you have to say it. Our listener Bentley decided oh let's Sepracor dot. Congratulation. We also have tickets for bolts have you dealt to go to her sold out performance at the north park observatory now who are nominal go. So much for playing congratulations on a first ever case late face off there it has to be moderate cadaver at that are playing.