Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request: Mediation

New year. Same Jayson.

January 11, 2018

Just because the calendar has flipped over to 2018, doesn't mean much has changed on the Dana & Jayson show. Every week, Jayson calls strangers on Craigslist who are looking to promote goods or services, but he never has interest in anything they have to offer, he's just looking for friendship. This morning, Jayson called a legal mediator to try and settle into a little friendship. It's Jayson's Friend Request on FM 949.

Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request: Mediation

Thursday, January 11th

New year, same old creepy Jayson. They are unsuspecting people looking to promote goods or services for sale, and he's a needy creep. Every week on the Dana & Jayson show, Jayson calls strangers from Craigslist looking for friendship. It's Jayson's Friend Request on FM 949, and this morning, he calls a legal mediator.

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Are calling strangers Craig's list for sure you still wanna keep doing this right Ollie it's nonstop. Jason call strangers on Craig's list. But not about anything that has to do with what their posting about though you have your own agenda 1% and it's called Fred Chet and today I found a winner. You always say that because he's actually a legal mediator. Mediator that one so he solves like divorce dispute yeah now or any kind of contract disputes and I have a major dispute. They dispute a friendship. That doesn't even make sense. Well with the media. A lull is this Jack and self. In this case and how would you know this with the chase that because that might dashing personality and voice. Regret for quick thing you know Larry Havoc spinal. Cord. But you do it lives of particularly in your arm and arm when call. Yes I I am having a problem with tobacco workers in the bigger name being. Yes it is it is Dana. Yes. And now our question here because I'm compute our dispute or is she your wife. She is most definitely not my wife but you could say she's my work life. And that's a that's understandable. Do you have any children to. I am I would say that we deal but she likes to claim that hurt her husband have been killed are now I'm just to walk on the side but that's the different issues are there altogether if you understand me Jack. Oh without their interest and and another about articulate. It's usually when mediation happened. When there's spreading at this between two parties. So is there any act that. Well before we put that past and assets or anything like that I just wanted. See you get to know year rule before. IE kits it's fully invested in this relationship because I think your living pretty forward your have a folder about me but I wanna get to know US the person. Our you'll really get less than our. Are of course yet I mean who hit a good. The unit comes with the job my job as a computer problems to try. I'm sure that gets tiring because you know at the end of that age and who rule here is Jack's problems. I guess me that I normally and a mile per. Well I mean here's the deal I wanna handle your problems I want your problems become my problems I have a very big shoulder and I feel like Jack needs AM shall there crown. But that isn't about me. If it's about view and your problems and so I'm trying to help you so you end of the day how can just. Think here I like a man you ask how can I this year at the end of the day you are someone they use those to serve justice and truth had dot hello Ly eight and I don't want to lie the DO. Jack I mean don't really necessarily need a new lawyer you're mediator rate now all south thinking. And let's just look into the future and possible lead and gain a frat like everybody needs a lawyer in their friend grip and I was just thinking Jack would be a good addition today Jason squat. I'd just as really down. Awkward and I'm normally more of prisons and torture so I'm just trying to hear that. I understand that and I try to get yelled biz ass as well. Which is more of just on the friendship level like opened let's take out the meat I don't have contracts I have no assets whatsoever I have nothing to dispute honestly if my coworker date no wind it's my ass that seek inhabit all relate. What if I just give you call this to hang. I got a government have to go because I. I really have really busy that you are. Okay bad. So is that is that a soft yes. I I have no need for a friend at. Point I'm gonna go ahead and wrapped up. In the future again you and Dana need any mediation. Services B pretty typical. But you know we're really good news I'm an actor that we. Jason's friend requests. Denied.