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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Hot Dog Buns + Carrots

Chef Jayson's School Cafeteria Extravaganza

September 25, 2019

There are a lot of moments and experiences in a person's life that they'll never forget. Their first day of school. Their first crush. Their first slow dance at the school dance. And the first time they were served a microwaved hot dog bun with melted cheese from the school cafeteria. When Dana & Jayson heard of this viral story of a Minnesota teen calling our her school cafeteria for serving up the above mentioned mess, along with a half dozen baby carrots and a prepackaged tub of marinara sauce and calling it lunch, they both had feelings, but opposite ones. While Dana couldn't believe what was being passed for nutrition, Jayson joyfully went back down memory lane to revisit some of his fondest school lunch memories. Would Jayson be proven the only person who actually pines for the days of the cafeteria? We hit the phones to find out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.