Holliday with guy

Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Holidays with Guy

Super Weenie

January 6, 2020

​Dana has certain expectations when it comes to quality time with her family, and over the holiday break, she was vastly disappointed. This time around, it wasn't a member of her immediate San Diego family that left her wanting more, it was her brother on the other end of the country. After packing up her husband and three daughters and trekking across the U.S. to spend the holidays with Dana's brother and his family, it turned out there was only one connection he was interested in, and it wasn't his own flesh and blood. What was so distracting that Dana couldn't compete? Why is Jayson standing with Dana's brother? What and/or where is Super Weenie, and can we call go there for the holidays 2020? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.