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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: His Own Devices

Jack's Home Alone

November 18, 2019

Trouble is brewing, and Dana & Jayson are trying to get out ahead of the eye of this impending storm. As friends, D&J were a little concerned when they found out their Producer Jack's live-in girlfriend was going to be out of town for almost an entire week, meaning Jack would be left to his own childish devices outside of work hours. As he's proven in the past, sweet little Producer Jack doesn't always make the most sound, responsible decisions when unsupervised, so knowing he has a long weekend ahead of him, his friends and co-workers decided to step in. What was Jack's first night solo like? Would our listener family be able to relate to bad decision making when left to their own devices? What does $18.75 get a man in his 30s from McDonalds's? Asked and answered this morning on San Diego's Alternative.