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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Friday, January 10th

From Billionaires To Blockbusters

January 10, 2020

​News can break fast, at any place and any time, which is why Dana & Jayson are always carrying a broom, a dustpan, and some backup news to replace it with. Every morning on Alt 949, D&J hop into their van and drive on to the information super highway, hoping to pick up a few of the hottest, most interesting, trending stories of the day and present them to you in a little something they like to call: NEWS TO US! This morning, we learned how one international billionaire is testing a long standing theory, and just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movie theater, a brand new version of a classic blockbuster might be on the horizon. All of the news, most of the time on San Diego's Alternative.