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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Diagnosis: Jayson

Jayson Has A Plan

December 4, 2019

​Jayson has a new therapist, but he might need a new therapist to help him cope with his new therapist. After a weird few weeks of playing hard to get, getting ghosted, and finally steering the entire process back on to the runway, Jayson is preparing to have his first encounter with Dr. Amy. Now, most people who have reached the point in their own self-awareness and self-discovery that they know they need professional help, are in a very honest and open place... but not Jayson. Despite the fact that Jayson knows deep down that any kind of mental health goals revolve around honesty, he's already plotting and planning the show he'll put on in his first session. As a strong advocate for being fully present and in touch with your honest feelings, Dana wasn't taking this information very well this morning on Alt 949. Could Jayson put down his mask for long enough to make some real psychological progress, or will he get stuck playing a part for Dr. Amy? We tried to diagnose the problem this morning on San Diego's Alternative.