Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Dana & Jayson's Fake News Awards

The President doesn't get to have all the fun...

January 18, 2018

Dana & Jayson didn't feel like spending the morning talking about how much President Trump hates CNN, so they decided to do their OWN Dana & Jayson Fake News Awards! What top stories made the list of fake news? Listen to find out.

Dana & Jayson - Fake News Awards

Thursday, January 18th

​President Trump unveiled his Fake News Awards, but since Dana & Jayson didn't really feel like talking about CNN and the New York Times all morning, so we spread our own nuggets of falsehood with the Dana & Jayson Fake News Awards!

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Mellon didn't get quite the fanfare of the Academy Awards are Golden Globes Donald Trump did issue some awards have his own yesterday I don't know if you heard about the fake news awards this is a promise that he kept for shark he said he was going to do it yesterday he came out with a top lists of the biggest fake news stories of the year calling out various news sources and our country but is uneven you really want us to run out all those fake news winners and we can do this instead. Instead of just talking about how much CNN's Sox it's Damon and Jason speaking the swords through. Matt Lauer is just a normal guy you are shake is a culture of inappropriate message that creepy sex toys being weird and your own office. Just when you thought it was safe to turn back on the TV America's been waking up with a sex perverts. Chris and Dana and Jason's made news a war that's a not flower being a trustworthy man as they. And that that is a when are we up. Ordain and Jason about nanny for nine in San Diego's alternative listen here if the president can do it so can wait Donald Trump's issued his list. Of the fake news awards. Where he basically said how much all these new sources of America lie about him instead of running those now we just have to give out of fuel ward tomorrow. Instead of just talking about how much CNN's Sox it's Damon and Jason speaking the sort of the flu shot actually works. You are fake news. Through nobody has tortured by justice system because that. Seems about as a fact that is the DMV now serving gas number 400 staff and it's been good and Jason's face a new dual us. You cottage did far but it doesn't that say man. You don't think news can be a problem it can also be a punch line. And it's now also an award series courtesy of our president Donald Trump released his list of fake news awards yesterday as he promised worry basically called out all these news sources around America for writing or reporting false stories about them but instead of running all those down we stole his idea. Instead of just talking about how much CNN's Sox it's Davis and Jason speaking those sorts. HBO's game of bruises coming back into what eighteen. You are fake news now temperatures on the East Coast might suggest otherwise but don't hold your breath. Winner isn't coming until at least 2090s. This is big CNN Jason's fate muse a war. That's a lie ever told analyze it and thugs at the play today and not to mention a really a bridge season. Sorry is I don't I don't live diets are anyway that was fake news. Donald Trump's not the only one that can call out fake news editor but I mean he did do his own semi awards shelf or just like really basically a list of awards that he wanted to get about the fake news awards were released yesterday where she called out eleven different news sources in America for reporting fake news about him but instead of running all closed down and we dissent is sort of rip off what he dent. Instead of just talking about how much CNN's Sox it's Davis and Jason speak the soreness. Marijuana is the devil's weed dealer fake news from that sweet little old lady across the street to your old high school now. Have teachers if loving marijuana is wrong California doesn't wanna be right are. So this one's a coffee and smoke. It's been pain and Jason's great news awards were. Still hear our street news alert yeah I don't know about Donald Trump but. That was a lot yeah.