Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] The Dana & Jayson Golden Globes Experience

January 8, 2018

If you've never watched the Golden Globes with Jayson, then you're missing out on the full experience. This morning on FM 949, Dana & Jayson let you get a taste of Dana's Sunday night with The Dana & Jayson Golden Globes Experience. You're welcome.

Dana & Jayson - The Dana & Jayson Golden Globes Experience

Monday, January 8th

You've never really experienced the Golden Globe awards if you haven't watched them with Jayson. This morning, Dana & Jayson gave you a little taste of the treat Dana enjoyed last night with an award-winning performance of The Dana & Jayson Golden Globes Experience.

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As stated Jason on the commercial free Monday and if you're a movie junkie. The award season is this Super Bowl. Your year the golden gloves happened last night and overall it was a pretty. He useful. If you're gonna say anything besides it was painful. With a pretty entertaining. And shallow well by that's my ire of the house had a couple good that funny jokes in the beginning. Tonya Harding was there and oh per gave a nine minute and 32 presidential campaign. Speech to end all speech says tease him you just lost all credibility with our audience by saying that was an entertaining show I'm really sorry I don't know yet let everybody would be talking about unless you invite dean out. But till date to your Golden Globe to viewing party with your Fiat. Isn't party and that he and his fiance and two dogs. Apart and you could download a that you ever wonder rain. What it's like to lodge an awards show with that but you've got to give to issue is about it don't worry because we have the DNA and Jason Golden Globe to experience here. But yet the DO. Well that's relievers they tests are playing off the constant is that effort hit the water thank god because parity knew I was gonna be bored I was trying to protect myself. You're invited her Dana are sitting here watching the Golden Globes birdied oh on making a calendar on Shutterfly. Debt every time that would get played off during her speech you can't scream from the side flights thank god I might cop I think out of obligation to know anything interesting happens but I know 95% of that is going to be a huge snooze fest out the senator flight calendar guys I'm working on July are right now I think I just now my photo arrangement. That point. Not. Go back to your Shutterfly calendar in honestly Lardner and has truly gotten Judith loves her yeah. Again Sunday night out mean honestly she really deserves a perfect little ice data hiding out there. Birthdays that month long Ed Davis see you shaking your head over there you agree with that speech. I think yeah. Where I chatter there no one likes you right now. Andre there is no longer go back tears Shutterfly I'm not our neighbors and yeah. It's a motion picture you full media not trust and bullet Dana don't like this award show Dane now. I can't live on wasting my time day. I couldn't stay home. Jason and Jason didn't leave me little digging. It hasn't invented and into my living there. It and wound I know it's late for us but I can you believe it Dana Dana. Beside the Golden Globes as though are why are you guys are why you sleep hey it's only like eight. It was abhorrent. You can go to twenty to watch your home Obama. And some say the big winner of the night was the movie three billboards outside adding Missouri. But the real winner I think that Shutterfly calendars with working on during the whole time the real winner was neat because I got the calendar done and took advantage of the 40% off deal that ended last night when. And never comes and again.