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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Cosplayed

Kid Costume Catastrophes

October 31, 2019

Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack has some Halloween issues he needs to work through, and the airwaves of Alt 949 are as good a place as any to exercise his demons. After shoveling grief at Jack all morning for his aversion to dressing up on Halloween, things became a little more clear when he revealed some deep seeded trauma from his younger days. As the oldest child in his household, Jack spent his formative trick-or-treating years at the mercy of his mother, who on more than one occasion supplied him with some truly ghastly ensembles. Now, more than two decades later and with some help from our listener family, he's scaring up the courage to talk about his experiences. Knowing Jack set the bar pretty high, we threw a pair of tickets to our Not So Silent Night show on the line, hit the phones, and crossed our fingers this morning on San Diego's Alternative.