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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Cherished Friendships

Pastor Emma

October 4, 2019

Dana revealed two things about her weekend plans to Jayson. One made perfect sense, and the other was totally perplexing. The first tidbit of information was that she would be attending a woman's conference put on by some of the members of her church, and the second was that she would be attending by herself. Not being able to wrap his brain around the concept Dana would willingly be attending an event like this on her own, Jayson sprung into best friend action, diving deep into the details of the conference and inviting a very special guest to join us this morning on Alt 949. In a full bore friendship ambush, Jayson took matters into his own hands to invite one of the conference's speakers and organizers, Pastor Emma, to join us for a spirited conversation on San Diego's Alternative.