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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: Breaking Binge

The Streaming Circus

November 4, 2019

​The streaming landscape is getting a little out of hand. At first, Netflix was the only name in the streaming game. Then, Hulu and Amazon Prime rounded out a neat, tidy, and manageable trifecta. But now it's freaking anarchy. With next Tuesday's launch of the new Disney + service, not to mention standalone ventures from NBC Universal, HBO, and who knows what else on the horizon, things have gotten complicated. In an ironic twist, cord cutters are facing more options than ever, with each service and their nominal subscription fees adding up really quickly to surpass what they used to pay for standard cable service. Knowing consumers will have a choice to make, Dana & Jayson broke down the three main contenders entering the arena, and what you'll be gaining or losing by signing up for each. Breaking down the binge this morning on San Diego's Alternative.