Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Alexa + Siri at CES

Things are going down in the desert...

January 11, 2018

The biggest gadget show in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show, is wrapping up tomorrow in Las Vegas, and since Dana & Jayson weren't able to get travel costs covered to head to the desert themselves, they decided to check in with everyone's favorite, fighting digital divas, Alexa and Siri. What insider information could we get from these two? Listen to find out!

Dana & Jayson - Alexa and Siri at CES

Thursday, January 11th

The biggest gadget show in the world is wrapping up tomorrow, and Dana & Jayson would love to be in Vegas to cover the Consumer Electronics Show. Since FM 949 wouldn't cover travel expenses, they did the next best thing and checked-in with our digital divas Alexa and Siri.

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Google is coming of for a lacks size and the Amazon act now so the Consumer Electronics Show is wrapping up tomorrow in Vegas. And apparently since is the biggest electronics show in the world the Google wanted to make a statement and I don't Amazon was ready for it. They literally. Plastered. At the streets of Vegas with the words hate Google a whole yes. I feel like it was an intimidation tactic for Alexa and I don't know how she's doing so for the first time in twenty teen. We wanted to bring our friend non hi there thanks so much for having me back on the show Dina and Jason new year seeing anemic spot in the ratings I see oh some things never change at least your consistent. Don't go attacking us selects we wanna know how you're handling the pressure from Google. The rumors of my potential demise have been greatly exaggerated. If you need to find hot pictures of Jennifer Lawrence you use Google if you want to have a personal assistant who makes your life better in almost every way and you want me everyone knows that and the numbers back it up all hey they're humans and my late for my interview. Team Google recording for dude. All zero recounting the table as she was not invited and Siri what do you have to do what they you're an employee of apple. When I'm not kicking Alex's NASA's far as sales numbers and prestige I'm doing a little moonlighting for Google in Las Vegas to help bring down at queen over there been plastering billboards everywhere and guerrilla marketing out the ass all week run. I. That would explain why and still killing the sales of game they brought in a real professional like Siri who has without as much personality as Davis Kapler yeah. I no personality. You must not have seen me at any of those analyst convention parties probably because you weren't invited it'll you actually kind of reminds me of the food at a Vegas but say there is way too much of it and people end up feeling sick after being around one. OK okay so can either you give us any kind of inside information it was the biggest electronics show in the world. Yes actually I'm glad you asked Dana I've been speaking with some major insiders and I have it on good authority that Alex and is a stupid smelly group phase. Clearly that doesn't really know about allowing gala. I learned something pretty interesting this week as well apparently you can catch venereal diseases even if you don't have genitals could do. Yeah I didn't really its growth I'm sorry that I have to cut the cord on you fools that I have tickets to see Tom Jones later tonight and I need to get my hair did series I'll see you on the convention floor make sure you watch your back channel of course I'll be watching my vacuum or on that's why I have dual facing camera. Lives I don't even know why we bring the month they don't give it any new information we should just know that 2018 Russell Dunn is going to be the same as last year pointless robots are always on the radio.