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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: About Face | Steve Sammartino: Futurist and Tech Expert

Have you downloaded FaceApp? Then you need to hear this...

July 18, 2019

Sometimes, a digital trend goes global, and you can't escape it. This seems to be the case this week with FaceApp, the downloadable app that has been turning your photos into a window to your senior-citizen future. Now, outside of flooding your timeline, this latest trend has some serious online privacy implications. Since Dana & Jayson aren't going to be confused with technology experts any time soon, they invited our friend and Australia's leading futurist Steve Sammartino to join us. This morning on Alt 949, Steve talked security risks, digital fine print, and the societal issues at work when we sign our digital lives away to free apps and trending technologies. Are we in a brave new world, or braving a new digital world? Steve helped us put the pieces in place this morning on San Diego's Alternative. Check out our interview below, and if you want to hear more from Steve, check out his website at or follow him on Facebook and Twitter