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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Jayson Slides Into A Strangers DM

January 9, 2020

​Technology can make your life sooooooooo much better, unless it's accidentally making your life sooooooooo much worse. This love/hate relationship was given a little interesting perspective this morning when Jayson unveiled his latest social media flub. With so many accounts, so many platforms, and so much direct and indirect communication flying around, it isn't a surprise that sometimes the wires might get crossed, and for Jayson, the wires just exploded. An instance of mistaken identity has Jayson sweating bullets this morning on Alt 949, and crossing his fingers his accidental DM won't come back to bite him. What exactly happened? Who was the victim of Jayson's smack talk? Should Jayson go into the Witness Relocation program? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.