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Dana & Jayson [LISTEN]: 2020 Resolution Fails

New Year, Same You

January 8, 2020

Even though the boxes haven't even shipped yet, Dana has already put her foot down about indulging in Girl Scout Cookie season. When he heard this information yesterday during a break in the Dana & Jayson radio program, Jayson couldn't believe his ears. In the way the universe sometimes comes to your aid at just the right time, this morning Jayson came to the table with information he was SURE would get Dana back on the cookie bandwagon. If the delicious flavors inside a new addition to the annual cookie lineup isn't enough to get Dana's motor running, Jayson is SURE that the new addition to the OUTSIDE will get her hooked. What can you expect to find for sale in your work's lunch room soon? We took a bite this morning on San Diego's Alternative.