Embarrassing Dad

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Dana & Jayson: A Teens Worst Nightmare

Father Takes Over Daughters Social Media

December 5, 2019

One teenager will never sneak boys into a sleepover again. This morning Dana found a great story about how after a 43-year-old father discovered that his 15-year-old daughter snuck boys into a NO boys allowed sleepover, he decided to be creative with the punishment. The high school sophomore could choose between a month without her phone and access to social media OR go two weeks without, but her dad would have full control of all her social media accounts. She chose the two weeks. She chose wrong. Larry Sumpter took over his daughters Instagram and got hundreds of more likes on his posts than his daughter ever had. Seeing the posts has already given Uncle Jayson ideas for the futer of Dana's three daughtes. Check out a few of the hilarious posts below. 

Just chillin’ on this fine Sunday afternoon!! Haters gonna hate!! #parenttakeover #makebetterchoices #followme #instagood #feelingcute #captainmullet #mulletman

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Here’s a little clip of me getting warmed up for my morning run! #parenttakeover #makebetterchoices #followme #instagood #feelingcute #iamfast #running

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Felt cute. Might delete later.

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