Buzz Lightkill... | Dana & Jayson

Dana & Jayson's husbands would rather find food than enjoy the magic of Disneyland...

October 8, 2018

After an entire Saturday spent at Disneyland with their collective families, Dana & Jayson felt there were a pair of buzzkills among them. Their husbands. While the dynamic Disney duo was soldiering through Fantasy Land to make sure Dana's three children soaked up every moment of magic, their respective significant others were on the lookout for smoked meats. What?!?!?! It's a Small World when you're lugging around a pair of Buzz Lightkills. 

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Disney Darlings!

Putting aside the enthusiasm from the husbands, Dana & Jayson and their blended families spent a wonerful Saturday at the Happiest Place on Earth. While most people probably put a little bit of forethought and planning into a Disney day, Dana and Jayson went totally overboard. Every step and every movement were carefully and obsessively planned and scheduled down to the minute, which meant the only people involved that ended up having a good time were Dana's three children.

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