Dana gave away her kids Halloween candy and Jayson is not having it... | Dana & Jayson

Would you give away your kids candy?

November 6, 2018

No, we're not talking about a wicked biker tattoo, we're talking about Dana. Just because Jayson is only the gay uncle to her three daughters, that doesn't mean he isn't full of the type of insistent confidence that usually is only reserved for mom or dad.

This morning on Alt 949, we found out how a bag of candy and a dream has the Dana & Jayson show staff divided. In a pure and selfless act, her three children put together a whole bag of candy for Producer Jack, a bag for their homeless friends, and one bag left for the girls themselves. Jayson is understandably horrified by all of this, so D&J left it up to our listener family to decide on San Diego's Alternative.