Sequesterd in SD - Watching Old DVD's/Detroit Rock City

March 23, 2020

Movie Review – Detroit Rock City (1999)

What to do with all this extra time that has come about? How about busting out something that I haven’t seen in a while?! Last night I sat down with the mindless film Detroit Rock City. Released in 1999 but set in the year 1978, Detroit Rock City is a sophomoric look at four high school boys who are determined to go and see their first KISS concert. Of course, nothing goes as planned in this crazy 95 minute trip where these guys have their tickets lit on fire, lost, stolen…you get the idea. The humor is fairly slapstick in nature, the acting is ok at best, and the script and story are well, fairly lame. However, the music is great (if you like 70’s rock) and includes a “newer” version of “The Boys Are Back In Town” performed by Everclear. Detroit Rock City stars Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, Terminator: Dark Fate), features Melanie Lynskey ("Rose" from Two and a Half Men) and of course there’s an appearance by KISS.

Make no mistake, this is definitely a “Dude” film. I’m not saying ladies won’t like it, they just aren’t the target audience. Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer” gives DRC a 48% but the audience score is 82%! My guess is that most of the audience who liked it were in an altered state…and that might not be a bad idea if you decide to sit down and check out this movie. Me? I liked it for what it is. An hour and a half of stupid fun. -Bryan Schock