Here's what we played at 4:20

Wednesday, November 9

November 9, 2016

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative.

In the hazy aftermath of #Election2016, Proposition 64, which makes the recreational use of marijuana legal in the state of California, passed with 56% of the vote, with around one million votes separating the two sides of the issue. Starting today, twenty years after California legalized medical marijuana use, residents who are 21 and older can possess, transport, buy and use up to an ounce of cannabis for recreational use, and the proposition allows the right for individuals to grow as many as six marijuana plants. People currently incarcerated for marijuana related crimes, are also now eligible for re-sentencing.

We're celebrating your rights today, and every day! Here's what we played today during our 4:20 reggae block: 

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - "Burn One Down"

Ini Kamoze - "Here Comes The Hotstepper"

Bob Marley – "Small Axe"

Kottonmouth Kings – "Mr. Cali Man"

Peter Tosh – "Legalize It"

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Be safe out there California.