Bishop Briggs joins us at ALT 949's Indie Jam 2018

September 8, 2018

Look who's back!  Bishop Briggs joined ALT 949 for her second show with us! She sat down with Dana & Jayson before the show, check out the interview above.

Originally from Bishopbriggs, Scotland (hey!), Bishop has been on a musical journey from early in life.  She moved to Hong Kong when she was 10 and like many people who visit a karaoke bar and think they got "it", Bishop decided to persue her passion of performing.

If you ask Bishop Briggs to describe her last year, the word that comes to mind is “whirlwind.”

“These past two years have been absurd and in terms of fastness, they have felt fast. The lesson within that would be know your worth and have standards,” says Bishop. “You find yourself in these situations where you’re like ‘I would never put up with this, why am I putting up with this?”

Bishop Briggs dove into her relationship with Sir Sly’s Landon Jacobs. “I felt as though we were drawn to each other because we both had the same philosophy of this is a soul thing. You do music because it’s your soul. There’s nothing else you can do. You’d be doing it regardless of if there was people listening or not.”

While the two may not release a duet version of Bishop’s current single “Baby,” she does hint at the fact that the two are “definitely working on things together.”

Is the pain in Church Of Scars a preview of the next album? “I’m always drawn to the darkness with writing,” says Briggs. “There will always be darkness in my soul, no matter how happy I am,” she elaborates.​

Bishop Briggs Meet & Greet Photos - Click Here