What's Alyssa Listening to this Week?

January 25, 2019

Check out what new music I'm listening to and loving this week... and check out New Music Discovery every weeknight, every 15 minutes starting at 7pm with Alexia.


Weezer - No Scrubs (TLC Cover)

First of all, WHAT?! Weezer came out of nowhere with The Teal Album, which is all covers of some of the best songs ever after seeing what a hit their cover of Africa was... but this TLC cover is so ridiculously good that even Chilli herself is all over it.

She tweeted Weezer with some all-caps excitement about the cover and called for the duet we’ve all been missing in our lives. “But it would be even better if we sang it with ya'll!!!” she wrote after giving them the highest of compliments.


Taking Back Sunday - All Ready To Go

A busy 2019 for the Taking Back Sunday will include a 20th anniversary compilation album titled Twenty that spans their full discography and includes a number of surprises... plus a stop in San Diego on April 6 & 7 at The Observatory North Park. 


Moving Panoramas - Baby Blues 

The first single off their second album, coming soon. Living for a little dream-rock.