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Thousands March In Peaceful Protest From SDPD Headquarters to North Park

June 5, 2020

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative


On Thursday, thousands of people marched from San Diego Police headquarters to North Park to honor the black lives lost due to police brutality, and show support and solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Thousands taking back the streets of North Park to demand justice, the protection of Black lives and the demilitarization and defunding of police forces. Demonstrators have been walking for over three hours, starting all the way in Downtown and making their way here.

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“San Diegans have an absolute right to peacefully assemble and speak out against systemic racism and to express their concerns,” said San Diego's Mayor, Kevin Faulconer. “People want change; they want to be heard. And I want to thank those San Diegans for their willingness to work with the San Diego Police Department to peacefully protest.”