San Diego DJ Plans Virtual Prom For 2020 High School Seniors

April 23, 2020

ALT 949 - San Diego's Alternative


Prom might not be happening in its normal fashion this year, but one San Diego-based DJ is making sure that kids still have a way to experience prom--even if it's thru a computer screen.

DJ J. Soul is hosting a virtual prom this Saturday night (4/25), using Zoom to let kids join the dance. 

The Zoom prom will allow up to 300 people at a time. For safety, the room will be password protected and the feed will be monitored to make sure nothing inappropriate shows up on the screen or in the chat room, and all of the visitors' microphones will be muted.

"If the kids want to, they want to dress up and act like it's a real prom, that's cool," says J. Soul. "Or they can just hang out in their living room in PJs. Whatever they want it to be, I just want them to have that experience."

J. Soul says if this first one goes well, he may do more over the rest of prom season. He also says he's checking with schools to see if they want to do a virtual prom just for their students.


(ABC10 News San Diego)