One Third Of Vegetarians Eat Meat When Drunk


August 24, 2017

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We *all* do some stuff we're not proud of after one too many drinks.

Some of us pee in alleyways.

Some of us just pee our pants (guilty) (oops).

Some of us send drunk texts to exes.

Some of us send drunk texts to mom (way worse).


So if you're a vegetarian and you sometimes eat a carne asada taco after slinging back a few brews, don't feel bad.

A new study out of the U.K. says that 1 in 3 vegetarians admit to eating meat when they're drunk.


The discount code website Voucher Codes Pro conducted the poll with 1,789 Brits who claimed to be vegetarian--and 37% said that they had drunkenly eaten meat.

And majority of those polled who said they had fallen off of the vegetarian wagon said that it actually happened a lot.

When asked how often they eat meat:

  • 34% said every time they get drunk on a night out
  • 26% replied fairly often
  • 22% said “Rarely”
  • 18% said “Occasionally”


Hey. It happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯