New Music Discovery: LIGHTS


July 14, 2017

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative


Lights just released another new track off of her concept album, Skin & Earth called "Skydiving"

While the album isn't expected until later this year, Lights' comic book series by the same name was just released on Wednesday (July 12).

The song "Skydiving" combats issue 1 of the comic book series. Her previously released track, "Giants," combats issue 5.


And not only is she releasing a comic book series AND an album, but she's also hiding clips from new songs throughout an Instagram account that is a map of her comic book's world (@SkinAndEarthWorld)

She hid a clip of "Skydiving" within the map on Wednesday for the release of issue 1 of Skin & Earth.

Alyssa found it in less than 5 minutes! How long did it take you to find?!