A Lullaby Version Of Fall Out Boy's "Take This To Your Grave" Exists

Sweet dreams

December 5, 2017



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Millennial parents, rejoice!

Your little bundle of joy can now get a head-start on being the coolest kid in school and being cultured in the emo/pop punk world because...

...a lullaby version of Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave now exists! 


On Monday, a duo called Sparrow Sleeps (comprised of Casey Cole and Peter Lockhart) released an entire cover album, in lullaby form. The lullaby album is titled Take This To Your Crib.

"I think for most people in their early 30s that grew up during that explosion of pop punk in the early 2000s, this album, in particular, is one that just about all of us can relate to," says Cole. "I've wanted to tackle this album in its entirety since the project started, and Peter and I are glad to finally share it with everyone." 


Check out their cover of "Saturday" from the Take This To Your Crib album...any try not to fall asleep...



(Alternative Press)